Hello, I'm Lucas.

Software Engineer
Ready to Build Amazing Apps.

Javascript Angular React NodeJS Jest Flutter Ionic WordPress PHP / Lumen / Laravel MySQL MongoDB Firebase / GCP Digital Ocean Directus CSS / SASS


I have worked as a software developer for +18 years on a daily basis building projects for companies in Brazil and the US.
Back in 2016, I created a startup that currently has more than 22,000 users in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Chile.
Currently, I am working as a senior fullstack engineer using mostly NodeJS, Angular, React, and Firebase (GCP Functions + Firestore).

I create products and companies. Innovation is my passion.

Web Development

Using modern technologies combined with 18 years of experience, I create responsive, secure, and high-scalable web apps to help companies in their management tasks and automation. I also integrate third-party projects in a way to create more valuable solutions.

Mobile iOS / Android Apps

Mobile apps are a great strategy to keep your customers engaged on your brand. In order to be a step ahead of the competitors and stay relevant in today's market, an app can offer unique features with easily accessible information right at your clients' fingerprints


I love to use WordPress to create dynamic websites, portals, and blogs. Quickly. I also create my own themes, plugins, and optimizations to increase website performance and improve the SEO score. FYI: more than 64 million websites were built with WordPress!

Success Cases

PHP / Laravel / MySQL

InterAmerican Development Bank

This solution came to automate a big set of processes, dealing with more than 500,000 entries at a time. The chosen framework helped a lot but due to the huge amount of data I had to create a custom strategy (and a lot of code) to keep things faster and achieve the required results in just a few clicks, instead of spending a bunch of time and manual labor.

Node / Angular / Firebase / Flutter

Aligner Play

This niched Netflix-like platform for dentists has free and paid plans, on-demand content, a community forum, and a lot more. Every feature was designed from scratch looking forward to providing a great user experience and interaction between the consulting team and the doctors. I also have created native apps for iOS and Android to offer even more value to the users.

PHP / MySQL / MongoDB / WordPress


Nowadays, more than ever is usual to offer certificates to prove the quality of courses and events. CertificaWP is aimed to deliver hundreds of certificates easily. More than 20,000 certificates was issued in four countries (LATAM). Each certificate is digitally signed to keep things valid and trustable.